Looking for a disability workshop to bring to your organization? As an experienced disability social worker, consultant and researcher, I am able to provide workshops on the following topics (rates available upon request):

  1. Nothing about us without us: Disability 101 for social workers (90 minutes)
  2. Moving from disability inclusion to disability affirming social work practice (120 minutes)
  3. Reasonable accommodations and accessibility in child protection practice (90 minutes)
  4. Implementing the dignity of risk: Substance use and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (120 minutes)
  5. An introduction to disability activism and advocacy in the United States (60 minutes)
  6. Promoting intersectional, anti-racist social work practice with the disability community (90 minutes)
  7. Making your social work practice more accessible to the disability communities (90 minutes)
  8. Child protection practice with parents with intellectual and developmental disabilities (120 minutes)

For information on these workshops, contact Elspeth Slayter

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