Readings and resources for social work educators on police brutality and structural racism

Readings on police brutality in the United States:

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (2020). Fighting police abuse: Community action manual.

Butze, O. (2020). We can’t just go back to normal: Research-based Resources to Help You Teach, Talk, and Learn About Structural Racism. Sage Publications.

Cheslaw, L. (2020). 15 best books on police brutality according to the experts. New York Magazine. July 1, 2020.

Chicago Public Library. (2020). Topic guide: Police brutality.

Edwards, F., Lee, H. and Esposito, M. (2019). Risk of being killed by police use of force in the United States by age, race-ethnicity, and sex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).

Grady, C. (2020). George Floyd protests: A reading list to understand police brutality in America. Vox. June 6, 2020.

Kendi, I. (2020). The American nightmare: To be Black and conscious of anti-Black racism is to stare into the mirror of your own extinction. The Atlantic.

Khatib, J. (2020). 5 books to read about race and the police. The New York Times. June 10, 2020.

Taylor, K. (2020). How do we change America? The quest to transform this country cannot be limited to challenging its brutal police. The New Yorker. June 8, 2020

Readings on police, social work and abolition

8toAbolition (2020). 8 to Abolition: Abolitionist policy changes to demand from your city officials.

Critical Resistance (No date). Reformist reforms vs. abolitionist steps in policing.

Critical Resistance (2003). The CR Abolition Organizing Toolkit.

Movement for Black Lives (2020). The Breathe Act.

Movement for Black Lives. (2020). #DefundPolice Concrete steps toward divestment from policing and investment in community safety. Filter Magazine.

MPD150, (2020). Police Abolition: Frequently Asked Questions. (Note: In Somali, Spanish and English)

Singer, J. (2020). Both/And or Either/Or: Social Work and Policing. The Social Work Podcast. July 14, 2020.

Resources for discussing race in the classroom:

Anti-racism resources for White people (list prepared by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein – May 2020)

Summary of the stages of identity development — this document includes white identity development models, as well as models for people of color (document prepared by Interaction Institute for Social Change)
Starkman, R. (2020). Dropping the N-Word in College Classrooms. Institutions should consider developing guidelines to address the main objections to doing so. Inside Higher Ed. July 24, 2020