Практики, основанные на доказательствах, и оценка программ (On evidence-based practice as a process involving program evaluation)



On Friday, January 20, 2017, I presented a lecture introducing the social work concept of evidence-based practice as a process that includes program evaluation.  This lecture was presented to the social work and psychology students of Dr. Tatiana Padushkin at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.  Please see the link to the Russian-language slides, available on Slideshare.net, below.

After giving my talk, I fielded a series of questions from students and professors.  I was impressed with the students’ commitment to the idea of program evaluation.  I was glad to elaborate on aspects of how to engage in the best possible evaluation work.  Based on my observations, I found these students to be more prepared to engage in program evaluation than the students I teach in the United States.  I think the difference relates to the attention paid to developing students’ mathematical and logic skills in the general Russian curriculum.

For additional information on this topic, please contact me at eslayter@salemstate.edu.