Gender disparities in access to substance use treatment for people with intellectual disabilities

Finally, the last of my dissertation work is out, and it is probably my favorite paper as it addresses gender and disability-related disparities in access to substance use treatment for people with intellectual disabilities.  You can see the full text here and here is the abstract:

Despite concerns about health disparities among women with intellectual disabilities, little is known about substance abuse treatment access in this population. Using standardized performance measures, treatment initiation and engagement were examined retrospectively for women aged 18 to 64 (N = 3,752), men with (N = 5,732) and women without intellectual disability (N = 493,446). Logistic regression models of utilization were conducted. Women in the sample were less likely than males in the sample or females without intellectual disability to utilize treatment, suggesting both gender and disability-related barriers. Policy and practice implications for improving the health and welfare of women with intellectual disabilities are discussed.

Keywords: access, developmental disabilities, gender equity, health care, intellectual disabilities, Medicaid, mental retardation, substance abuse