#DirenTurkiye: The Karagoz Puppets provide a socio-historical cheat-sheet for what led to #OccupyGezi


Last night, I was moved to write a blog post after 12 hours of watching horror after horror unleash on the 99% of peaceful protestors in Istanbul.  What was worse was knowing we were not seeing it in the other 77 provinces that have risen up and spoken.  But the worst part of the night was seeing and hearing my Istanbullu friends so scared, sad and confused was terrible.

Since posting last night, I’ve had an email stream from a number of friends, family, colleagues and e-buddies.  Many are just tuning in to what is going on.  Many do not understand the larger context of what is going on.  Given that the Karagoz puppet troupe inside my brain can read my thoughts, they woke me up from my pain-medicine induced nap with the clattering and banging of pots and pans – much like what the Istanbullus have been doing…

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