New article in The New Social Worker Online on disability, substance abuse

Check out my article in The New Social Worker Online – it is about identifying substance abuse among people with intellectual disabilities.

This work merges my former work as a forensic social worker and my current research interests in access to substance abuse treatment for people with disabilities. Here is an excerpt:

“So, your field placement involves work with clients who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (ID/D, formerly mental retardation/developmental disabilities or MR/DD). Perhaps you know that this population has enjoyed increasing levels of freedom and access to community living. But perhaps you didn’t know that this increased exposure to community life has led to greater susceptibility to alcohol and drug problems. Substance abuse in this population can lead not only to increased social isolation after the development of a substance abuse problem and criminal justice involvement, but also to victimization while under the influence, increased cognitive disability, physical impairment, poor impulse control, substance abuse-related medical conditions, and the potential for life-threatening cross-reactions with commonly-prescribed psychotropic medications.”

Read on at the website for concrete practice suggestions…